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Welcome to The Magic Kingdom — the official website of the Friends of Swaziland. Friends of Swaziland is composed primarily of returned volunteers and others who have lived and served in the southern African Kingdom of Swaziland. Other individuals who are concerned about development issues related to Swaziland, and Africa in general, are also welcomed to participate in this information and aid site.

Friends of Swaziland is a non-profit organization organized exclusively for the purposes specified above and in accordance with Section 501 c(3) of the the Internal Revenue Code of 1954. We're hoping this website will serve to generate some memories, give you an idea of what's going on in Swaziland, reconnect with some old friends, and encourage you to join our organization. We hope you'll find it useful. Please send any comments to

Friends of Swaziland is an affiliate of the National Peace Corps Association.

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Recent Friends of Swaziland News

End-of-Year-Fundraising Appeal
The Board of the Friends of Swaziland (FOS) asks you to consider making a donation to FOS. Your donation will provide funding to the FOS treasury to enable us to continue to support development assistance projects in Swaziland during 2019. And we'd like your ideas for projects we should support in 2019. Read more on the Funding/Projects page.

Successful Fundraising
Sanibonani and Happy New Year! A message from our Treasurer, Scott Lewis, who spearheaded our end-of-the-year fundraising campaign:"Just a quick note to thank supporters who donated to Friends of Swaziland at the end of 2017. Thanks to your generosity FOS will be able to continue to support development assistance projects in Swaziland during 2018. About 30 of you made donations totaling $3068. This included two anonymous donors that provided $700 in matching funds. Combined with our existing bank balance of $2012, we now have $5080 available in group funds for 2018 programs.
As previously mentioned, the FOS Board wants your input on how best to support development efforts in Swaziland. Please send any thoughts to She will compile your ideas for submission to the FOS Board. Siyabonga and thanks for your support."

End-of-Year-Fundraising Appeal
The Board of the Friends of Swaziland (FOS) asks you to consider making an end-of-year donation to FOS. Your donation will provide funding to the FOS treasury to enable us to continue to support development assistance projects in Swaziland during 2018.  And we'd like your ideas for projects we should support in 2018/ Read more on the Funding/Projects page.

Books for Swaziland
The Board of the Friends of Swaziland (FOS) has approved financial support for a new Peace Corps Partnership Project called Books for Swaziland. (We've helped similar projects in the past.) To increase our impact, FOS will match donations received up to $750, thus leveraging a potential $1500 contribution to this project. Read more on the Funding/Projects page.

New board members ... and update.
Friends of Swaziland is excited to welcome our two newest Board Members, Laura Reynolds and Brandon Bobisink, recently returned Peace Corps Volunteers. We still have other leadership positions to fill, including the Group Leader position. We're also in need of volunteers to plan festivities for the RPCV conference, September 22-25 in Washington, D.C. Please consider offering your talents to the group. E-mail if interested.

FOS helps Camp GLOW effort. We recently provided $500 to support the PCV-led Camp Glow (Girls Leading our World) in Swaziland, scheduled for April. Camp GLOW 2016 will be "two five-day health and leadership camps, where 120 girls, ages 9-19, will have the opportunity to address issues that they face daily in their communities, primarily involving HIV/AIDS, sexual reproductive health, and gender inequality." This is FOS's third straight year to help with the Camp GLOW project.

2015 fundraiser results. Thanks go out to the many who helped us raise over $700 at the end of last year. It's never too late (or early) to make a tax-deductible donation! How to donate.

FoS teleconference. 
Swaziland RPCVs were invited to a teleconference on Sunday, November 22, for an opportunity to find out what the FOS group does, what our plans are for the future, and to share ideas on how FOS can best serve Swazis and the RPCV Swaziland community. Read about this and previous board meetings.

FOS supports GLOW Camp.
Friends of Swaziland contributed $500 to the GLOW Camp, a PCV-sponsored Partnership Project that helps and empowers girls. Read more on the Funding/Projects page.

FOS supports “Books For Swaziland” for a third year.
FOS contributed $500 to the Books for Swaziland, a PCV sponsored Partnership Project. This project’s goal is to support 30 school libraries in Swaziland, reaching over 60,000 students in and improve English literacy. Read more on the Funding/Projects page.

MARCH 2013 
Nursing Education.  FOS supported Evelyn Acheson a Project Hope Volunteer who served in Swaziland in the 1980s, by providing a donated laptop computer and a $950 check toward supplies and other expenses. Evelyn left for Swaziland in early March to volunteer for a few months on a nursing education project. You can read her blog at

FOS helps fund PCV's Peace Corps Partnership Project, "Primary School Library." The FOS Board awarded $500 to fund this project. The Swaziland PCV wrote FOS, saying, "the school committee has asked for my assistance in turning an old classroom into a library. This will provide the students with better access to the books and also with a place for them to study and receive homework help. Also given my background in art I have decided to combine the library with a mural project. The students in grades 5-7 will receive art lessons designed to teach them new skills and unlock their creativity. The classes will close with a mural design contest where a winner from each grade will be chosen to have their design painted on the wall either inside or outside of the library."


Jack Conrad's efforts raise over $8000 for Young Heroes. Swaziland RPCV and FOS Board Member, Jack Conrad, endured an epic bike ride of 750 km through 6 countries in the heart of Europe, to raise funds for the Young Heroes, a non-profit group operating in Swaziland that supports AIDS orphans. Thanks go out to the 33 RPCVs and friends who made contributions and our Treasurer, Scott Lewis, for keeping up with all the contributions!

Meeting with Swaziland PC Country Director. A small gathering of DC area RPCVs met with Steve Driehaus, Swaziland Peace Corps Country Director, as he discussed the fine work that PCVs are doing in Swaziland and future programming directions. Steve was also receptive to the idea of RPCVs visiting Swaziland in 2014 and participating in a project. Stay tuned.

RPCVs meet with new U.S. ambassador to Swaziland. We were very pleased to oblige the new U.S. Ambassador to Swaziland, Malika James, who asked to meet with Friends of Swaziland before she reported to her new post. Thus, we convened a group of DC area RPCVs at Nando's Peri Peri in DC (Chinatown) for a very positive meeting. Ambassador James was very interested in what we had done as volunteers and identifying the needs in Swaziland.

MAY 2012
FOS helps fund chaperone for AIDS conference. At the request of PCV Darryn Crocker serving in Swaziland, we raised the last $500 needed to send a chaperone for the Swazi youth who were attending the AIDS conference in Washington, DC in August.

FOS helps fund two Peace Corps Partnership Projects. FOS helped fund two projects sponsored by PCVs serving in Swaziland. The first help fund the annual Camp GLOWS, an empowerment experience for young Swazi girls. The other provided funds for the Books for Swaziland project to provide for shipment of worthwhile books for libraries in Swaziland.